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Global b2b Trading Platform For Distributors, Wholesalers, Exporters, Importers, Big Box Retailers, Supermarkets, alternate sourcers, Brands & more ! Based In USA


Destination Mono is a global B2B trading platform that enables B2B supply companies to seamlessly connect, negotiate, buy, and sell directly with B2B buyers and wholesale trade distribution businesses within the trillion dollar B2B distribution market.  The platform, designed to give users the ability to both buy and sell, provides B2B sellers with innovative technologies and intuitive P2P (person-person) marketplace features to evolve and grow their business while providing B2B buyers with the tools needed to streamline and manage complex purchase orders and logistics from initial contact to successful delivery. Users of the platform will find greatly desired brands, products, and soft commodities at or below wholesale value !


B2B Buyers On The Platform Supply


Alternate Sourcers

Trading Companies

Big Box Retailers


& More through their current Distribution Channels 

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Our Mission

To be friends and partners,


Destination Mono set out with a goal to revolutionize the b2b distribution and wholesale trade processes in order to make it safer and easier for businesses around the world to negotiate, buy, and sell products and soft commodities with other established & verified businesses involved in the b2b distribution and wholesale trade industries on an all in one secure centralized platform. 


We believe in the process of innovation and we always try our best to improve the value we create for our customers. User experience is the first thing we care about, the whole platform was designed and built to both expedite the entire b2b distribution and wholesale process for b2b buyers and sellers of all generations and provide them with all the tools and value added services needed to seamlessly transact borderless business with less risks.


At Destination Mono we always see our users as partners and friends, we value your inputs and opinions, and strive to make every single suggestion of yours to become reality.

We believe that together we will make the b2b distribution and wholesale trade process easier and increase the efficiencies in each and every step of the b2b sales and procurement processes.

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